Definition of Educational Sociology

The term 'educational sociology' has been defined by different educationists and sociologists in the following manner: 

George E.Payne: "Educational Sociology is a science which describes and explains the institutions, social groups, and social processes or social concerns, that is, the social relationship in which or through which the individual gains and organizes his experiences". 

Ottaway: "Educational Sociology is the scientific study of the relationship between education and society". 

Brown: "Educational Sociology is the study of interaction of the individual and his cultural environment including other individuals, social groups and patterns of behaviour". 

Robinson Smith: "Educational Sociology is the application of the scientific methods and principles of sociology to the study of education". 

Good: "Educational Sociology is the scientific study of how people live in social group especially in the study of education that is obtained by living in the social groups, and education that is needed by the members to live efficiently in social groups". 

Alvin Good: "Educational sociology is the study of education which is obtained by man in social groups and the education that is needed by the member to live efficiently in the social groups". 

Roucek: "Educational Sociology is sociology applied to the solution of fundamental educational problems". 

D.W.Dodson: "Educational sociology is particularly interested in finding out how to manipulate the educational process to achieve better personality development". 

Carte: "Educational sociology is the study of those processes of sociology that are significant for the educative process". 

Cook and Cook: "Educational Sociology is the study of human factors in the educative process, with the aim to improve teaching and learning in all types of educational systems". 

From the given definitions, it can be perceived that educational sociology is the study of the relationship between education and society. Hence, we may define the term "educational sociology" as the branch of sociology which scientifically deals with the impact of society on education and education on society, their relationship in solving problems related to them. In short, educational sociology through the medium of education socialises human beings and links man with society.
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