Importance of Educational Sociology

Importance of Educational Sociology

(1) Man should be socialised to lead a group life. So, he should learn and understand the significance of social adjustment at school. For this purpose educational sociology recognises the social nature of man and plans accordingly.

(2) It emphasises the belief that all human are equal. In fact, the influence of educational sociology guarantees every human the right to have education according to one's needs, aptitude, interests and ability. There is no bar such as race, caste, creed, colour and sex for any individual to develop more and more to the utmost extent.

(3) It protects and promotes the progress of culture. It fosters those cultural qualities which promote international understanding and welfare.

(4) It formulates rules and procedures which establish and develop social growth among individuals and make them active participants in social activities.

(5) It secures for an individual self-reliance and self-development.

(6) It tries to secure and promote happy life for all individuals. It makes people to understand their welfare and strive to achieve social good for all.

(7) School is an integral part of the society. It is the reflection of society. Hence, any change we want to bring about in the society requires its foundation to be laid in the school. It is because small and immatured representatives of the society will lead the society in future when they are matured.

(8) Educational sociology helps the educationists in constructing the curriculum keeping in view the socio-economic tendencies and demands of society.

(9) It helps us to provide sound social bases for educational researches. In fact, sociological researches in education have special significance.

(10) It analyses the causes of social and group conflicts and helps to remove them by imparting suitable education.

(11) It prepares and develops the child for living independently in the society.

(12) It studies the social elements which affect the individual objectively, and apply them in the educational environment of the school.
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