Need for Educational Sociology

The combined approach of education and sociology is necessary in order to foster social feelings among the people to achieve better human relationship. Educational sociology is considered necessary for the following reasons: 

(1) The larger aims of sociology cannot be achieved without integrating the process of education into it. 

(2) Without making a micro study of social problems through education, we cannot think of a macro solution. 

(3) Educational sociology studies social processes and interactions very objectively. It is essential to find solutions for educational problems. 

(4) It is needed to foster social attitudes among the people through education and to improve human relationship. 

(5) Educational sociology studies social activities and social institutions in the context of future social needs also. It is, therefore, very helpful for the progress of education. 

(6) Educational sociology gives equal weightage to the development of the individual as well as the society. 

(7) Education and sociology are interrelated and interdependent. Sociology without education is like a body without a soul and education without sociology is like a vehicle without wheels. Hence, the combination of education and sociology, that is, educational sociology is necessary for cultural and social development.
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