Current Affairs Quiz || 14-01-2022

Q.1. Which railway zone's Railway Protection Force has recently launched a new initiative "Mission Amanat" to track the lost luggage of railway passengers?
Ans. Western Railway Zone

Q.2. In which city Haryana's Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala has announced to set up India's first heli-hub?
Ans. Gurugram (Gurgaon)

Q.3. Which edition of North East Festival has recently concluded in Guwahati, Assam?
Ans. 9th Edition

Q.4. For how many years, the Central Government has recently announced S. Somnath has been appointed as the next chief of ISRO?
Ans. 5 years

Q.5. Which state has recently launched “Jaganna Smart Township Website”?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q.6. DRDO has recently test-fired the sea-to-sea version of which missile?
Ans. Brahmos

Q.7. Which state government has recently increased the upper age limit of candidates for admission in the state civil services examination?
Ans. Government of Odisha

Q.8. Which space agency has recently successfully tested the cryogenic engine for Gaganyaan manned space program?
Ans. ISRO (India)

Q.9. Which New Zealand cricketer has been awarded the “ICC Player of the Month Award” for December?
Ans. Ajaz Patel

Q.10. The Parliament has unanimously approved the appointment of Alikhan Smilov as the new Prime Minister of which country?
Ans. Kazakhstan

Q.11. Who has been appointed as the Surveyor General of the Survey of India?
Ans : Senior IFS Sunil Kumar

Q.12. Who has been honored with the Ambassador for Peace honor by the Universal Peace Federation India Chapter?
Ans : Professor Najma Akhtar, Vice Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Q.13. Which famous Malayalam poet has passed away at the age of 69?
Ans : S. Ramesan

Q.14. The United Nations (UN) has estimated India's economic growth rate to be what percent in the current financial year?
Ans : 6.5%

Q.15. Which company has appointed actor Rajkummar Rao as its new brand ambassador?
Ans : RenewBuy

Q.16. Which Indian private bank has been adjudged as India's best private bank in the Global Private Banking Awards 2021?
Ans : HDFC Bank

Q.17. In which name Arundhati Bhattacharya, former chairman of SBI has released her autobiography?
Ans : Indomitable: A Working Woman's Notes on Life, Work and Leadership.

Q.18. Which report prepared by the Forest Survey of India has been released by Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav?
Ans : Forest Survey of India Report 2021

Q.19. Who has become the first Indian wicket-keeper batsman to score a century in Test cricket in South Africa?
Ans : Rishabh Pant

Q.20. What is the rank of India in the Henley Passport Index 2022?
Ans : 83rd Place

Q.21. Which campaign has been announced by the Member of Parliament of India Meenakshi Lekhi to promote the culture of Northeast states?
Ans : North East on Wheel Campaign

Q.22. How many new cases of corona have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours?
Ans : 2,64,202 Cases (315 Deaths)

Q.23. Today (January 14) is being celebrated all over the world as which day?
Ans : Makar Sankranti Festival, Pongal (South India), Magh Bihu (Assam, tomorrow is the best) and World Logic Day.

प्रश्न 1. किस रेलवे क्षेत्र के रेलवे सुरक्षा बल ने हाल ही में रेल यात्रियों के खोए हुए सामान को ट्रैक करने के लिए “मिशन अमानत” एक नई पहल शुरू की है ?
उत्तर - पश्चिमी रेलवे क्षेत्र

प्रश्न 2. हरियाणा के डिप्टी सीएम दुष्यंत चौटाला ने किस शहर में भारत का पहला हेली-हब स्थापित करने की घोषणा की है ?
उत्तर - गुरुग्राम (गुड़गाँव)

प्रश्न 3. नॉर्थ ईस्ट फ़ेस्टिवल का कौन-सा संस्करण हाल ही में गुवाहाटी, असम में संपन्न हुआ है ?
उत्तर - 9वां संस्करण

प्रश्न 4. केंद्र सरकार ने हाल ही में कितने वर्ष के लिए एस. सोमनाथ को इसरो का अगला प्रमुख नियुक्त किया है ?
उत्तर - 5 वर्ष

प्रश्न 5. किस राज्य ने हाल ही में “जगन्ना स्मार्ट टाउनशिप वेबसाइट” लॉन्च की है ?
उत्तर - आंध्र प्रदेश

प्रश्न 6. डीआरडीओ ने हाल ही में किस मिसाइल के समुद्र-से-समुद्र संस्करण का परीक्षण किया है ?
उत्तर - ब्रह्मोस

प्रश्न 7. किस राज्य सरकार ने हाल ही में राज्य सिविल सेवा परीक्षा में प्रवेश के लिए उम्मीदवारों की ऊपरी आयु सीमा बढ़ा दी है ?
उत्तर - ओड़िशा सरकार

प्रश्न 8. किस अन्तरिक्ष एजेंसी ने हाल ही में गगनयान मानव अंतरिक्ष कार्यक्रम के लिए क्रायोजेनिक इंजन का सफलतापूर्वक परीक्षण किया है ?
उत्तर - इसरो (भारत)

प्रश्न 9. न्यूजीलैंड के किस क्रिकेट खिलाड़ी को दिसंबर के लिए “आईसीसी प्लेयर ऑफ द मंथ का पुरस्कार” से सम्मानित किया गया है ?
उत्तर - एजाज पटेल

प्रश्न 10. संसद ने सर्वसम्मति से अलीखान स्माइलोव को हाल ही में किस देश का नया प्रधानमंत्री नियुक्त करने की मंजूरी दे दी गयी है ?
उत्तर - कज़ाकिस्तान
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