Durga Puja Holiday Homework

Durga Puja Holiday Homework
Sub:- English (Class - 7,8,9,10) & Moral Science (Class - 7)
Teacher – Ajay Raj

Note:- Do all the below questions in a separate or H.W. Copy.

Class 7 (English)

The Grammarite
Ch – 8 (Prepositions)
Define Preposition in your own words and write in details different types of Prepositions
Let’s link it (Pg-59 A, Pg-60 B,C,D)
Let’s crack it (Pg-61 A, B, Pg-62 C)
Let’s perfect it (Pg-62 A, B Pg-63 C)
Revision worksheet 1 (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P)

Class 7 (Moral Science)

1. What do we learn from ants?
2. Why do most of us lack of self-discipline?
3. What are the ingredients of self discipline?
4. How would India benefits if it's citizensbecome more discipline? Write three points.
5.Why does it take time and efforts to inculcate self-discipline?

Class 8 (English)

1. Fill in the blanks using a word. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Passenger airplanes mostly fly (a) _______ speeds less than that (b) _______ sound. Airplanes (c) _______ can fly (d) _______ greater speeds have been built. This is (e) _______ if they fly (f) _______ speeds greater (g) _______ the speed of sound, (h) _______ fuel consumption increases enormously.

2. Fill in the blanks below using a suitable word in each. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
(a) _______ interviewing children (b) _______ were candidates for a special programme (c) _______ of the questions asked was what life would be (d) _______ 100 years hence. Ravi, one of the candidates answered, “One thing is for sure, February (e) _______ be the longest month of the year as they add a day to it (f) _______ four years.”

3. Fill in the blanks using a suitable word in each. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. The first one has been done for you as an example.
Once upon a time there was a man called Smith. He was a green grocer (a) _______ lived in Clapham. He (b) _______ four sons, (c) _______ eldest was called George after the king and (d) _______ was arranged that he was (e) _______ inherit his father’s shop. So (f) _______ school he went to special Botany classes.

4. Given below is a letter of complaint to the Officer Incharge. Public Works Department. Complete the letter by filling in the blanks with one suitable word in each blank. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Dear Sir
We regret to bring to your notice that roads in Moti Colony need urgent (a) _______ The surface is badly damaged by the (b) _______ we had last month. In the night, it is dangerous to walk. Also, there are heaps of stones (c) _______ the sides of the road. Your department (d) _______ not taken any action so far. We would (e) _______ highly grateful if you take necessary action without any further (f) _______ Yours faithfully Residents, Moti Colony

5. Complete the passage below by writing one suitable word in each space. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
On May 20, 1818, the British explorer Sir Stamford Raffles, reported the finding
of a giant flower (a) _______ Sumatra. It was named Rafflesia (b) _______ him. Measuring almost a metre across and (c) _______ up to eleven kilograms, the Rafflesia is (d) _______ world’s largest flower. It is (e) _______ called ‘Stinking Lily’ (f) _______ of the unpleasant smell it emits. (g) _______ people who have been fortunate to see it, inform that they were overcome (h) _______ its beauty.

6. Complete the passage below by writing one suitable word in each space. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Our city was acutely short of water. In one of my classes I stressed (a) _______ need to conserve water. We (b) _______ ways of harvesting rain water and making the (c) _______ of every drop that was available, (d) _______ was surprised to hear wise thoughts (e) _______ by an 11 year old boy. He told us that (f) _______ he washed his face in the morning he didn’t throw the water (g) _______ . He caught it in a bowl and placed it (h) _______ for the birds.

Class 9 & 10 (English)

Exercise 1 – Use of Articles

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the article.
1. Murty is ____ old friend of mine. (an/a)
2. I had ___ weirdest day yesterday. (the/a)
3. I spoke to ____ teacher yesterday after class. (the/a)
4. There is ____ storm coming soon this way. (a/the)
5. ___ baby gorilla sleeps on its mother’s lap all day. (the/an)
6. India is ____ South Asian country. (a/the)
7. Samar might be poor, but he is ___ honest man. (an/a)
8. Paris is one of ____ most beautiful cities in the world. (a/the
9. The teacher asked me ___ question that I could not answer. (a/the)
10. The man who was injured in ____ accident was my uncle. (the/a)
11. The Chinese restaurant is ___ hour away from our house. (the/an)
12. Can you give me ___ glass of water? (a/an)
13. Bring me _____ board markers. (an/the)
14. This is ______ tallest building in ____ area. (a/the)
15. Do you have ____ umbrella? (an/a)

Exercise 2 – Use of Modal Verbs

Fill in the gaps with ‘would’ or ‘should.’
1. _____ you like to go with me to the prom?
2. Timmy ____ listen to his parents.
3. The doctor _____ like to examine you.
4. ____ the culprit try to run, arrest him immediately.
5. Parents ___ take care of their children’s diet.
6. Penny _____ love to go shopping with you.
7. How ____ you like your pizza base?
8. ____ he fail the test, he ___ be demoted.
9. The dogs ___ keep coming for more treats.
10. Hina ____ be late if she doesn’t hurry.
11. Manisha ______ be here in some time.
12. Neetu and Rita _______ not be able to make it.
13. _______ Danny be able to accompany Jibin to the hospital?
14. Did someone say something? _______ we carry our ID cards?
15. Bring me the books, ______ you?

Exercise 3 – Use of Suitable Verb Forms

Choose the correct option to complete the blanks.
1. The gardener ____ his job efficiently. (do/did)
2. The children ___ playing in the garden. (were/was)
3. Either of the boys ____ broken the glass. (has/have)
4. The planets ____ on their own axis. (rotate/rotates)
5. Trees ___ an important part of our ecosystem. (were/are)
6. Yusuf and Rasid ____ brothers. (are/is)
7. The poet and novelist ____ dead. (is/are)
8. The horse and carriage ___ arrived. (has/have)
9. I ___ an orchard full of apple trees. (has/have)
10. The team ____ developing a new robot. (is/are)
11. The committee members ____ not agreeing with one another. (are/is)
12. The jury ___ found the man innocent. (have/has)
13. Our solar system ____ to the Milky Way galaxy. (belong/belongs)
14. The girls ____ quite early. (arrive/arrived)
15. _______ the door. (closes/close)

Exercise 4 – Use of Prepositions

Fill in the blanks by choosing the most suitable preposition from the list given below. Make sure to use each of the given prepositions only once.
(across, from, on, to, by, between, for, on top of, opposite, under, at, into, around, with, in front of, in)
1. The cat is lying ______ the bed.
2. The little boy kept running _______ the table.
3. I walked ______ the street.
4. When are you going ____ your grandparents’ house?
5. I will meet you ____ the park.
6. Put the clothes _____ the bed.
7. Kevin is going ______ Kannan.
8. Sanju will be sitting _______ you and Raswanth.
9. Make sure to collect the books _______ the store.
10. My brother had kept the remote _________ the fridge and forgot all about it.
11. My mom baked a cake ______ my birthday.
12. We were standing __________ the railway station.
13. The dog ran straight _____ the swimming pool.
14. The students were asked to assemble ____ the auditorium ____ 11 a.m.
15. The grocery store ________ the school was shut down.

Exercise 5 – Use of Punctuation

Go through the following sentences and punctuate them appropriately.
1. mahesh is my uncle
2. we met the president
3. did you finish the project
4. my brother and i are going to buy some clothes
5. who is that
6. what a wonderful movie
7. ashraff the new manager is from delhi
8. i will prepare lunch you do the dishes
9. you will be visiting us wont you
10. saniya ramzan and suhaid are best friends
11. she said i am going to paris for the holidays
12. the cafe around the corner is new
13. the man who is wearing a white shirt and black pants is my brothers friend
14. the taj mahal one of the wonders of the world is located in india
15. what is the time

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